Travelling Table Tales

Welcome to the journey of a passionate, enthusiastic 23 year year old ready to take on the world. After completing my undergraduate science degree with an extended major in psychology, I worked in market and social research, before moving to the beautiful Gold Coast to study my Masters Degree.

How would you describe me? 

Optimistic, enthusiastic, passionate, classic, nerdy and slightly clueless. 

On top of a full time study load, I am a psycho oncology research assistant, I go for daily walks along the beach, practice yoga and spend my weekends having adventures in my kitchen and out in the world with the amazing people who surround me.

I love to learn, explore, cook, travel and embrace different cultures. My passions are eating an abundance of real foods, looking for the beauty in everyday, and people. Life is a blessing which we must take the opportunity to make the most of; with balance being the secret to living abundantly.

I wholeheartedly believe you can never be too loving, have too many cook books or find an inappropriate time to change the world for the better.

Embrace every moment with me as I explore the world and share my passion for travel, food, creating, life and love.

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xx Liz